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DUX Stainless Steel Bolt snap 3/8 
Small stainless steel bolt snap for backup light. Completely manufactured from stainless steel316. Total length 72mm Internal eye...
7.05 EUR
DUX Stainless Steel Bolt snap 1/2 
Medium stainless steel bolt snap ideal for primary regulator or pressure gauge. Completely manufactured from stainless steel...
7.60 EUR
DUX Stainless Steel  4 
Stainless Steel 4" Double-ender. Common use with primary light, reels, spools, wet notes ... Completely manufactured from stainless...
9.04 EUR
DUX Stainless Steel Snap bolt big 1,25 
Big stainless steel bolt snap ideal for stage rigging kit or scooters. Big eye designed for optimal manipulation with dry...
9.82 EUR
DUX Stainless Steel 4.6 
Stainless Steel 4.6" Double-ender. Big stainless steel doubleender for primary reel, stage leash or lifting bags. Completely...
9.96 EUR